The Great Chris Debate of 2018


Green Onion Blog Original: Posted April 17, 2018

This post was a reaction to a crossover blog event in April 2018. Within are connections to a blogging community that did things out of the box while actively encouraging each others blogspace. I cannot wait for events such as this one to begin once again.
Please enjoy this throwback to the original Green Onion Blog.

This is a joint release from Green Onion of The Green Onion Blog and Rob Wantz of My Side of the Laundry Room.

Recently, Rob and I have been sitting on the sidelines as our blogging family has been debating over which Chris is the greatest Chris in Hollywood. With four individual posts and a heated Twitter argument it has been the biggest crossover event of our little blogging group since the Great Twitter Dance-Off of 2017, or Just Dread-full’s What Scares Us series. Rob and I were left out of this massive event, but we’re not hurt, not really.

Over the following week, we have been enjoying each of our friend’s arguments for each of their favourite Chrises. Part one involved Michael J. Miller of My Comic Relief defending Chris Pratt’s newly found status as an A-list Chris. Kathleen of Graphic Novelty2 answered back with her own arguments for the case of Chris Evans. In the third piece of the series, Kalie of Just Dread-full chose the mighty Chris Hemsworth. Finally, Nancy also of Graphic Novelty2, who initiated this massive debate articulated her defence of Chris Pine. Each piece was written with some convincing elements and are all entertaining in their own right. Before we continue, I recommend reading each of the posts.

Since the release of the final post in the series Rob and I have been in heavy deliberation over which article we felt won the most significant debate of the year. As part of our decision, we took into account the strength of each debate, any added criteria to the argument, as well as the Chris that each blogger chose. After two days of deliberation, we are now ready to release this statement with our choice of who is victorious in the Great Chris Debate!

Our first elimination was an easy choice with the removal of Nancy’s Chris Pine. While we appreciated Nancy’s hard efforts to defend Chris Pine, we felt she was fighting a losing cause. Nancy started her defence by bringing up Pine’s inaugural role in The Princess Diaries 2, which almost got her disqualified off the bat. A look at Pine’s many film roles did not help the actor. After our deliberation, we found that Chris Pine is not in the same tier as the other Chrises. Pine is not even the original prince but was only involved in Princess Diaries the sequel. In fact, many of his placements throughout Hollywood are equally second rate. He was in Star Trek, not Wars, he is in DC not Marvel, and he’s not even his own superhero, but in a supporting role. Sorry, Nancy, Chris Pine is easily replaceable in any film.

Additionally, considering Pine may be responsible for initiating this argument after a stint on Saturday Night Live (where admittedly he killed the Ru Paul’s Drag Race sketch) it could be argued that this Chris is grasping to be in the same calibre as the others.

Rob and I’s second elimination was not as easy. Honestly, this Chris may have been both of our choices before the Great Debate. Michael’s Chris Pratt is a lovable everyman who we have seen grow to stardom while making us laugh the whole way through. However, my associate Rob makes a valid point that Pratt has made a career out of playing the same character. As charming as he is, we found there are not many dimensions to the actor and worry he may fall out of the limelight before the remaining Chrises- though his memes may live forever. Michael’s debate was strong, but given the nature of his Chrises comedy strength, Michael may have had a one up before this debate even began.


Left with two choices, Rob and I had to look past a battle between Thor and Captain America and really break down these debates from Kathleen and Kalie. As difficult as it was we found that Kathleen’s debate for Chris Evans was missing some critical details. Evans, out of all of the Chrises has the strongest resume, and one mention of him playing a part in Scott Pilgrim vs the World would have probably earned my vote. Other comic book film roles like The Losers or being the only good part of the Fantastic Four films would have also gained some points. It was an unfortunate choice, but Evans was eliminated.


Therefore, the winner of the Great Chris Debate as chosen by the two guys that got left out of all the fun is… Chris Hemsworth! We were both swooned by his rugged good looks and Kalie’s argument that there just is no one else that could play the god of thunder. While Hemsworth looks the part of a one-dimensional actor, he has managed to show us his wide range of abilities in each film that he stars. Hemsworth’s Team Thor videos may have put him over the top, but we also took into account that this Chris also won the popularity vote as put on by Michael’s class.


Congratulations Kalie, great Chris!


In a surprise turn of events, Rob and I have also decided that while Kalie/Hemsworth have won this debate, he is not the greatest Chris. Sorry to let everyone know who put their hard work into these articles, but you were all wrong. The greatest, the only Chris worth talking about is none other than Christopher Walken. And, that is something nobody could argue.

Thank you,

Green and Rob

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  1. THIS JUST MADE MY DAY. Am I little sore that Chris Pratt lost? Sure. But I can see you being swayed by the charisma of Hemsworth and the…well, whatever adjective you want to use for the unique brilliance that is Walken, That being said, PRATT FOR LIFE. In the immortal words of Tom Petty (who, while not a Chris is still pretty sweet), “You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I’ll stand my ground. And I won’t back down.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      You put up a good fight. Honestly, I love Star Lord/Andy and will probably never get tired of him. Walken is a whole other story though

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nancy says:

    Only because we are friends will I forgive you both about how you kicked Pine to the curb first. He is Captain Kirk for god’s sake, he doesn’t need to be in a Marvel movie like the others.

    But I gotta give you mad props for this rebuttal post! I guess the next blog crossover event needs to be a six-part series…


  3. Nancy says:

    Reblogged this on Graphic Novelty² and commented:
    We thought The Great Chris Debate was over…but no! The Green Onion and Rob of My Side of the Laundry Room chimed in with their opinions on our choices. Read on to find who they would choose to win The Great Chris Debate of 2018!


  4. Zezee says:

    um, I mean Hemsworth wins. Yeahie! 🙂

    P.S. That music vid with Walken is one of my favs. And…I like Walken but Thor wins for me. Can’t ignore the thunda!!! 😀


  5. Hahaha! Hemsworth is victorious! I’m going to hold this over Michael’s head for bragging rights for awhile now. In all serious though, kudos to you guys. This was a great idea, and super funny.

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  6. Reblogged this on My Comic Relief and commented:
    After a week of stunning debate and brilliantly outlined arguments, Green Onion (of Green Onion Blog fame) and Rob (of My Side Of The Laundry Room fame) took it upon themselves to analyze our arguments and declare a winner in the Great Chris Debate. Who was it?? Who won?? You need to read on to find out!


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